Çağan Rulo Kağıtçılık Ambalaj İnş. Turizm San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

*Rapid Progress in the Industry with Innovative Solutions*

Embarking on a journey with a focus on innovation and quality, Çağan Rulo Kağıtçılık Inc., a newcomer to the industry, aims to make a difference in the sector. Embracing a vision to be a pioneer in the industry and prioritizing customer satisfaction, our company is progressing towards becoming an indispensable face of the sector by offering quality and reliability together.

With our service approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction, Çağan Rulo Kağıtçılık Inc. aims to create a reliable cooperation environment for our business partners through the support and solutions we provide. We thank our customers for choosing us and look forward to hearing from them for more information.

Our Mission

Çağan Rulo Kağıtçılık A.Ş., prioritizing quality and reliability in the production process, conducts high-standard production in its state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology.

With our modern production equipment and expert team, we offer our customers durable, long-lasting, and high-performance products.

Our Vision

  • Committed to environmental consciousness and sustainability principles, Çağan Rulo Kağıtçılık A.Ş. aims to continually increase its contribution to recycling.

  • In line with this, we make a significant contribution to the preservation of natural resources by minimizing waste through environmentally friendly production methods.

Our Quality Policy

Our aim is to achieve excellence in our business by producing reliable and durable products that exceed our customers’ expectations. In pursuit of this goal, we continuously improve our competence, products, and processes by applying and adhering to international standards related to our business through our quality management system. We aspire to be a leading manufacturer of Thermal Paper in our country and a desired business partner in the international market for our customers.

Through our ongoing technological investments, we increase our production efficiency and competitiveness day by day, while utilizing our resources more efficiently. We meticulously address even the smallest discrepancies, monitor our processes with data, and ensure rapid dissemination from top management to the lowest level of personnel to ensure the lasting satisfaction of our customers by evaluating their changing expectations.

We greatly value creating a safe and secure work environment filled with happy employees. We continuously create and encourage training opportunities for everyone in our organization to become more competent, knowledgeable, and skilled individuals. We also encourage innovative and creative ideas.

We recognize that the success we aim for can be achieved through long-term strategic partnerships with our stakeholders, customers, and suppliers, considering both internal and external factors.