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Quality Production

The New Face of Turkey in Thermal Roll and Label Manufacturing

Competitive Pricing

We offer our products to you at the most affordable prices

Safe Delivery

We provide delivery service to all of our dealer regions

Customer Satisfaction

We always prioritize customer satisfaction


We offer the highest quality thermal paper brands with various grammage and size options for your use.

We produce our products with suitable quality, standards, and according to their intended use, to deliver them to you.

We manufacture thermal labels commonly used in point-of-sale systems and widely prevalent for your convenience.

Çağan Rulo Kağıtçılık A.Ş.

Our company, with years of experience in the paper and packaging industry, continues to strive for improve

Drawing from the years spent in the paper and packaging industry and the experiences we’ve gained, we aim to provide you with the best service by transferring our knowledge to thermal roll and label production.

We strive to serve you by prioritizing customer satisfaction with thermal rolls and labels made from the highest quality thermal papers.

ment day by day. Leveraging the expertise gained in these fields, our company has directed its focus towards thermal roll and label production, aiming to provide the best service to our customers with new ventures.

We produce thermal rolls and labels from the highest quality thermal papers, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and aim to deliver them to users’ service.


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