Thermal Roll: The Transformation of Technology into the Language of Writing

With the advancement of technology, thermal rolls have become widely used in many industries, particularly in POS systems, cash registers, labeling systems, and ticket printing. A thermal roll is a special type of paper that, when used with thermal printers, creates an image using heat.

Unlike traditional ink usage, thermal rolls create images using heat, resulting in printers requiring less maintenance, operating quietly, and printing quickly. Additionally, they offer an eco-friendly printing process and reduce waste production.

Another significant feature of thermal rolls is their long-lasting prints. Unlike other printing methods, they can withstand the test of time without the risk of fading or smudging. Thermal rolls used in various industries are available in different sizes and specifications, catering to different applications.

In conclusion, thermal rolls play a crucial role in meeting printing needs with the advancement of technology. They enhance efficiency, offer an eco-friendly option, and streamline business processes.

Brands And Grammages

- 44 gr
- 48 gr

- 48 gr
- 55 gr